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Project Description
SPVisualDev makes it easier for Sharepoint 2007 developers to develop features and artifacts with Visual Studio 2008 / 2010. It is written in C# and is implemented as a Visual Studio 2008 / 2010 Add-in. more info

Visual Studio 2010 is now supported. Note that this add-in is only intended to be used for MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0 development and not for SP 2010.

To download the add-in for VS 2010, please visit the download page.

Key features

  • Remote development, debugging and deployment >>read more about remoting features
  • Full support for non server OS like XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Farm explorer integrated in IDE >>read more about farm explorer
  • Real time sync files from your local visual studio project with files in the 12-hive.
  • Easy to add new features and edit settings and elements from a form UI.
  • Easy to install / activate Sharepoint features from context menu (se screen shot below).
  • Edit and bind resources easily
  • Automatic event receiver xml generation and synchronization.
  • Standard set of custom project and item templates, including Web part, event receivers, Application / Master page etc.
  • Integrates well with WSPBuilder by Carsten Keutmann.

System requirements

Visit the Visual how-to:s section to explore the features.

Added a Wish list thread in the discussion forum

Demonstration of features

The project template is based on the Visual Studio Web project template and consists of a folder named '12' which mirrors the 12-hive. Basically the idea is to work as the WSPBuilder does, for those who are familiar with that tool.


You can push down the project files inside the local 12 folder to the sharepoint 12 hive using the context menu in solution explorer. Push down feature is turned on by default and is copying the files down to the 12 hive everytime a file is added, updated, moved or deleted inside visual studio. A warning will be displayed if the file is older than the file that resides in the 12-hive.


You can configure your artifact project to work in different modes like different kind of build outputs (GAC, app bin). For example if you choose GAC build it will automatically register in the GAC and recycle the application pools automatically every time the project build is updated.


You can add features to the features node by selecting 'Add new feature' from the drop down context menu in solution explorer. Here is a screen shot of the feature settings editor.


You can quickly install and activate your features by selecting various actions from the feature action sub menu in the solution explorer.


This is a brief demonstration of some of the features in SPVisualDev. Please feel free to download and discover the features in SPVisualDev. More information on how to use this tool can be found in the how-to:s section and product documentation found on the download page.

I'd like to thank the great community out there for the great information source and sharing of experience. You know who you are!
I'd also like to thank my collegues at work and specially Sigge P who has helped me put toghether all the information found here on this site.

Feel free to comment this project. Your feedback is highly apriciated!
Enjoy using SPVisualDev!

Take a look at my new project for SP 2010 SharePoint Genesis Framework:

Tony Restaino, working as a consultant at Avega Group

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