Deploying event receiver to sandbox

Aug 16, 2012 at 8:14 PM

I'm trying to develop an event receiver to force my workflows to start automatically after sorting by the content organizer.  Unfortunately, I do not have access to the server hosting my site and the admins are uncooperative.  I've set up a virtual machine with Server 08 and MOSS 2007 so that I can build the receiver and was told that I would be able to deploy that receiver in the sandbox of my primary account.  

I used SPVisualDev to create a receiver and WSPBuilder to convert the receiver to a WSP file that I uploaded and activated it in the sandbox, but it does not appear to work. 

When I originally created the file, I use the "project default" option because I know the sandbox does not operate out of the GAC.  Is that my problem or are there additional steps that I'm probably missing.  (e.g., publishing it?) 

I am not a developer and have little to no experience with writing code (which is probably the cause of my problems), but I'm "trainable". 

Thanks for your help!