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In version 2 the event receiver XML generation is completely rewritten. You can now select a class in your project that will be the event receiver class for the feature or element (only for list templates and content types). You can create a class code file on the fly while adding or editing your feature properties. The file will be registred in a meta data file (*.spvdinfo) inside the feature folder so SPVisualDev knows which class belongs to a specific feature or element. The metadata file won't be incuded when pushing down to 12 hive or in a WSP if you use the commands from SPVisualDev menus.

!Important notice for version 1.x users

Event receivers that were added using SPVisualDev version 1.x wont automatically generate XML registration information any longer if the feature is refreshed. You need to manually edit the feature or element properties and point out the event receiver class and then save the changes. After that it will automatically generate XML registrations for the event receiver.

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