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SPVisualDev version 2.0 provides remoting features so you can develop from any client or server OS. This means you don't have to have SharePoint installed localy. You can create a project on a Vista machine which has Visual Studio 2008 and SPVisualDev version 2 installed.
You need to install the SPVisualDev Windows Service (v2) on the server which you want to work on remotely.

Follow these steps to configure your project or Visual Studio environment to connect to your SharePoint server:

For project specific remote configuration
1. In the Artifact configuration menu for the project, select the "Remote" tab.
2. Enter the remote connection properties to your server.
3. Click "Test settings". If your connection properties are correct, you should see a message telling you that.
4. Click "Save".
5. Your project is now ready to work remotely to the selected server

For global remote configuration
1. In Visual Studio tools menu, go to Options.
2. Select the SPVisualDev tab and then the Remote section.
3. Configure your connection properties.
4. Click ok when done.

  • Project remote configuration will always override global remote configuration.
  • You need to import those SharePoint dll:s (Microsoft.Sharepoint.dll) you want to reference in your project if you don't have them installed already on your machine. Use Project context menu (right click on project node) after the project is created and choose "Import SP dlls".

Configure the remote server to accept connections

Download and install the SPVisualDev windows service which is included on the same download page as the main SPVisualDev package. Remember to run in administrator mode if UAC is enabled on the system when installing the package (read more in System requirements).
The installation process will install and activate the service by default. You will need to supply the SharePoint system account (have access to config DB) credentials during install. It should be the same account as the account running the WSS Timer service.
When the service is installed it will automatically start listening on port 5667 for commands. You need to be at least SharePoint farm administrator to run the service methods. The service can be controlled as any other windows service from the services control panel.

Remote debugging

If you need help configuring remote debugging, read the following articles on msdn library:

Read the remoting how-to

The remoting how-to can be found here

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