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Problem (bug?) in building wsp and temp. workaroud


I'm writting this quick notice on a bug/issue I had experienced while working with SPVisualDev.
Basicaly the problem is this: on selecting the build wsp option I get an error stating that some file in the project is locked.
From what I have gathered so far the cause of this anomaly is found in the fact that SPVisualDev in the background creates a working folder for building the wsp and then copies there the required dlls (the ones selected for adding in the wsp - artifact configuration). The "problem" is that in my case some of those dlls are begin included in the project as files (think of a folder "dll/someLibrary.dll", something like what spvisualdev creates with the "remotely add sharepoint dlls" feature), and that files are under source control and checked-in... I can only guess that when the files are copied they copy the read only attribute.. and so spvisualdev will crash when performing cleanup of the folder. What I know for sure is that if you start with a clean wsp folder and checked out referenced dlls the problem seems to dissappear.

I know that this might sound unclear - I haven't had any time to look at the sourcecode, so I could post only a guess of what I THINK could be wrong. I will try to see if I can discover something more accurate when I get some time - for now I hope that this notice can help other dev out there with the same problem - if you get an error that says "file xyz could not be accessed" (or something similar) while building the wsp try this two step:
delete the wsp folder (make a backup copy if you think you may need the contents)
check out the file.

PS: please tell me if I should create a issue report... I have posted here only because I don't have many info on what is the real cause of the problem (as I said, I can only guess that it is the read only attribute that gets copied on the file in the working folder).